Commemorative Bucks of Michigan (CBM) is the official record keeper of Michigan’s trophy deer, bear, elk, and turkeys. As the official record keeper, CBM maintains a network of trained measurers across the state of Michigan that measure trophy animals, maintains the records of Michigan’s trophy class big game animals, and recognizes the trophies in publications and events. You can find out more about CBM here.

Good question. In order to get a trophy scored, first wait for your trophy to dry (60 days for deer, elk, and bear, 0 days for turkey). Then, contact one of our measurers or attend one of the shows, such as Michigan Deer and Turkey Spectacular held in February in Lansing), where CBM maintains an official presence. If your trophy qualifies for entry into the permanent records, you will have to go through the entry process and pay the applicable fee. Entry is free for members, and is $30.00 for non-members, though the cost can be applied to a membership. (Most people choose to apply the fee to a membership.)

After official entry, the hunter will receive a certificate suitable for framing and the entry will appear in Buck Fax Magazine and future editions of Michigan Big Game Records (published every three years). The entry is then a part of CBM’s permanent records.

Take a look at our list of active measurers to find one in your area.

Members support CBM’s mission to maintain Michigan’s official big game records, maintain a team of trained and certified measurers across the state, conduct yearly competitions to determine the biggest Deer, Bear, Elk, and Turkey taken in Michigan, and provide media outlets with news on noteworthy trophy kills and successful hunters.

In addition, members receive free entry of qualifying trophies into the official records, a subscription to CBM’s official online magazine, Buck Fax, a four-color trophy commendation arm patch for those with qualifying entries, an Achievement Certificate suitable for display recognizing hunters with qualifying entries an annual listing showing which counties have the best hunting potential and biggest trophy animals, and a colored CBM window decal for your car or truck.

If you would like to get more involved in CBM activities or become a measurer, please contact us. The CBM Official Measurer Application is available here.

Permanent entries are shown in the official record book, Michigan Big Game Records.Entries into the annual competition are published in Buck Fax magazine. Lists of new entries to the official records are available here.