Commemorative Bucks of Michigan (CBM) has a network of measurers across the state that measure and score big game animals legally taken in the state of Michigan at any time free of charge. These volunteers are able to provide hunters with an official score for their trophies, and are present at numerous trade shows across the state.

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Deer and elk are measured using the Boone and Crockett scoring system which generally determines based on length, width and thickness. Therefore, in order for a deer or elk to be scored, the skull plate needs to be preserved, and the reck has to dry for at least 60 days. Bears are measured based on their skull and also need to be dried for 60 days before being measured. Turkeys are scored based on length of the beard and the length of both spurs, and no drying period is required.

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CBM maintains records of trophy class big game animals harvested in Michigan. Animals that receive a score above the minimum score for their category are eligible for entry into CBM official permanent records. All entries into the records will be awarded an official certificate showing the official score and be published in the official record book, Michigan Big Game Records.

CBM also publishes, if provided, photos of each official entry on both the official website,, and the official Facebook page . (Please send any photos of official entries to us here, and include the hunter’s name, the county, the weapon, the year taken, and the official score.)



CBM keeps score for Bear, Deer, Elk, and Turkeys. Deer and Elk trophies are divided into Typical and Non-Typical categories and measured using the Boone & Crockett system of measurement. Harvested turkeys are divided into Single Beard and Multi-Beard categories. All entries are further broken down into separate weapon categories for Bow, Crossbow, Muzzleloader, Firearms, and Handgun. For the annual competitions, separate awards for Youth, Women, and Seniors are also awarded.


CBM holds a yearly competition to recognize all official entries into the records taken in the past year. As part of this competition, CBM publishes a list of all official entries taken in the past year and measured within the scoring period in BuckFax Magazine. Awards are provided at the CBM Annual Awards Banquet for the three top-scoring entries in 90 categories, and a list of the award winners in published in BuckFax Magazine.

Michigan Big Game Records

CBM publishes Michigan Big Game Records every three years. The book lists every entry in CBM’s records, and provides listings of the top trophies taken in the state, breakdowns by county and weapon type, and photos of many of the top trophies taken in the state. Copies of the record book are available here.

Recently Entered Trophies

After a measurer officially scores a trophy and a qualifying hunter elects to have their animal entered into the official records, the measurer sends their record to the official record keeper, and the record is entered into the official records. A listing of all new records entered into the system is periodically published on the News & Events page.

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